Major Update! New Book Series: The Myz Effect

For my fellow WordPress readers, my aunt and mother, and anyone else that has been so kind as to follow my blog, I wanted to give you all a major update: I will soon be setting up a page for my fantasy series, The Myz Effect!

We may still be some ways away from being ready to launch, but after completing the rewrite of the first book in the series, Mystics and Misfits, I thought that it’s about time that I put out some info on the series and how we are progressing!

I’m very excited to have found what I think is a thrilling, funny, and magical journey, for my soon to be readers as well as for myself. From start to finish, this experience has taught me so much about what I can do when I turn potential into action. Keep an ear to the ground for when we go live with The Myz Effect and Mystics and Misfits information pages.

Just to remind you guys, please sign up for updates, like this post, share this blog, and comment below! We’re in this together, all you witches and goblins!!

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