5 Things I do before I write every day and Why!

After starting my writing journey a year ago, I’ve found a couple of things that I do before I sit down to write every day that I believe help me to clear my mind, center myself, and just get into that groove that you need to feel.

Book Update: Mystics and Misfits

Just want to let you all know that we will be posting new illustrations on the Mystics and Misfits page this Friday! I want to give a quick shout out to Allison Smith, who helped me through the process and was so professional and talented. I’m really excited for you all to see what sheContinue reading “Book Update: Mystics and Misfits”

Question and Answer with the Author, Sam Rose

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? A: While it’s a bit of a typical answer, I really just consider myself a student of life (Ugh, I feel like a college sophomore just saying it). I was always a bit of a strange kid, going back and forth from being a complete attention seekingContinue reading “Question and Answer with the Author, Sam Rose”

The Heroic and Noble Tale of Turbo Guy: Part 1

As the wind whipped through the arid planes of what remained of Amarillo, Texas, on the outskirts of the small community of survivors a figure appeared in the distance. Jeremy Smith’s boy Kyle was the first to make out the figure of the man in the distance, running to the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Lodge,Continue reading “The Heroic and Noble Tale of Turbo Guy: Part 1”

Mystics and Misfits

New update on Book 1 of The Myz Effect Our story begins with a wild and magical weekend in Florida. Jay Connor, an intelligent if not slightly neurotic computer expert decides to throw caution to the wind and see where life can take him. But a trip to Miami does not go how he expectedContinue reading “Mystics and Misfits”