Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I just wanted to wish those celebrity this year, either alone or with family by zoom, a happy holidays.

Things have been rough and there’s been some body blows along the way. However, now is the time to take stock and find what we can be grateful for this year.

Myself personally, I’m grateful for the hardship of the year. I’ve been pretty lucky in terms of health and economic impact of the pandemic, but mentally it has been hard, and has revealed a lot of things I need to work on.

It’s also made me realize how much we all really on people we consider essential but take for granted. I can’t do much aside from support livable wages, better working conditions and other worker-first priorities, but I can do more on a volunteer basis for those in need. And that’s the plan for next year!

I’ve already filled out a form to volunteer delivering meals to seniors for Meals on Wheels during 2021. If you have want to help keep people fed, fill out a form to be connected with a partner organization in your zip code to volunteer with!

So, have a safe and healthy holiday, tell those you love what they mean to you, and get ready for a better year!

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