Book Update: Beta Readers

Hi all, I wanted to give you an update. Following a review of the book by some trusted beta readers and professional reviewers, I decided to pause seeking further beta readers and rewrite Mystics and Misfits in The Myz Effect series.

My other personal goals, my school commitments and the amount of time and energy I will devote to the rewrite made this delay necessary. I hoped I would be closer to publication this year, but I have great feedback and a plan to get back on track.

Writing a book, let alone a series, requires a lot of dedication, time, and patience. You also need a healthy degree of honesty to know when things aren’t working the way you know they could.

I look forward to approach this story and this labor of love with fresh eyes. I also look forward to making sure that the final product I give you all meets my standards of excellence. Thank you all for your patience. Keep following to stay up to date

The Myz Effect--Book Update: Beta Readers
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