Monthly Update: March

Winter Freeze in Austin

For the Monthly Update in March, it was a bit of a let down. I ended up back sliding a bit, putting on more weight than I’d like. But, I rallied toward the end and even though I finished the month netting a weight gain from the end of last month, I feel good about getting back on track. While I’m not going at the same pace I started the year at, I keep in mind that my waistline is not increasing, I’m putting on marginal amounts of muscle, and I feel and sleep much better. It’s a process, not magic wand.

Aside from weight-loss, Volunteer work has been going well. Feels like I’m making every bit of impact I’m capable of and that feels good to me. I just take it bit by bit, and do what I know I am able to and willing to do to help.


Weight loss chart for monthly goal update

Over March, I added about 1.6lbs in weight. A bit of a backslide, but nothing too bad. The important thing is to stay positive and to stick with it. There are fewer data points for weight just because looking at the scale was stressing me every day, so I didn’t like to record it, but I will fix that in the future. I am also cooking more at home and ordering in less.


MonthOrganizationHours WorkedVolunteer Activities
JanMobile Loaves and Fishes8.5Building handmade keepsakes boxes
FebSelf-Directed, N183 Mutual Aid and Assistance10Cooked 30+ meals, collected food and clothing donations and distributed them to the homeless under N183
MarSelf Directed (183 Breakfast crew), Austin Needs Water12Cooked 36 meals, canvassed 100 apartments for Austin Needs Water to determine areas of need.


Mystics and Misfits
Word Count39,684
Pages Edited34

For the Monthly Update for March, progress is steady with the rewrite. I’ve already started on part 2!

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