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Winter Freeze in Austin

Monthly Update: February

During the month of February, from 2/13-2/20, we had a state wide failure of our power system. From Monday afternoon through Saturday morning of that week, I had no power and water and nearly froze to death in my apartment. Understandably, this impacted me in how much I was able to get done, in terms of weightloss, charity work, writing and school work, but I pushed through all the same. Hopefully March will turn a corner for us here in Texas.

Monthly Goal Update: January

Weight Goal: Over January, I lost 8.6lbs. I’m on track towards my eventual goal of being under 200lbs before the end of the year. It’ll take time but that’s fine. Charity Goal: Month Organization Hours Worked Volunteer Activities Jan Mobile Loaves and Fishes 8.5 Building handmade keepsakes boxes Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul AugContinue reading “Monthly Goal Update: January”

Winter Freeze in Austin


Just wanted to share one of the first pleasant surprises of the year: surprise southern snow day! These days don’t always come but when they do, us Texans always freak out a bit so I know some of you in the Midwest and in Europe are rolling your eyes. Happy snow day, fellow austinites!

Word Vomit Comet!

So this is just a therapeutic exercise in expelling as many thoughts and words as I can. There’s no rhyme, no reason, and no rules. Just words. Think of it as free form poetry, only without the coffee shop and people in scarves they don’t need cause it’s 90 degrees. I’m on a train ChooContinue reading “Word Vomit Comet!”


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