My 2021 New Year Goals

Happy New Year, my friends! We made it through 2020, thank whatever merciful god or giant turtle you worship. Some of us have lost loved ones over the last year or have had to go through probably the worst year in everyone’s life. I’m not a vendor of false hope: things may not immediately getContinue reading “My 2021 New Year Goals”

The Spotify Soundtrack of 2020

Hey everyone, it’s been a bit of a rough year, but also one where we can appreciate the role and significance of art and music in our lives. It was a year where I decided to leave behind all the things that I thought would make me happy and start pursuing my actual dreams. IContinue reading “The Spotify Soundtrack of 2020”

5 Things I do before I write every day and Why!

After starting my writing journey a year ago, I’ve found a couple of things that I do before I sit down to write every day that I believe help me to clear my mind, center myself, and just get into that groove that you need to feel.

Question and Answer with the Author, Sam Rose

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? A: While it’s a bit of a typical answer, I really just consider myself a student of life (Ugh, I feel like a college sophomore just saying it). I was always a bit of a strange kid, going back and forth from being a complete attention seekingContinue reading “Question and Answer with the Author, Sam Rose”

Getting to know Sam Rose: My First Experience with Death

Death is always a strange, disorienting constant to think of or experience in your life. The first time anyone or anything that I truly loved died was my first cat, Chelsea. She was an orange tabby with a stub cut tail that was cut wrong, so she had a little Y joint on the tip.Continue reading “Getting to know Sam Rose: My First Experience with Death”

Getting to know Sam Rose: The Love Story

Let’s start at the beginning. It’s the summer of 2012 in the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m out with some of my fellow exchange students the weekend of the 4th of July the only way that North American’s abroad can–by getting absolutely shit-faced while a bunch of Argentineans look at us wonderingContinue reading “Getting to know Sam Rose: The Love Story”