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Below are some of Dark and Silly book reviews of select authors and titles of Fantasy and Science Fiction.


By Joel Feldman

Following the death of his wife, Jack has noticed Sam has been feeling depressed and losing her belief in the magical. Hoping to reconnect his daughter with that belief, Jack takes Sam on a big foot hunting trip in Arizona to meet up with his longtime friend and UFO hunter, Charlie, and his three sons, Eli, Tommy and Chris. However, instead of little green men or the missing link, they find something else in the forrest.

Wither Thorn

By Joy Lewis

Caia Blackthorn, the precocious adept of necromancy within King Arcturus’s court, leads this story of war, family, love and friendship as they travel from the Capital to Lyra at the frontline of the war. Raised sheltered yet captive in the heart of the King’s castle, what Caia lacks in experience and worldliness, she more than makes up for in heart and determination.

A War of Daisies

By A.A. Chamberlynn

Not much goes on in the town of Hawk’s Hollow outside the annual fair. However quiet this town of Hawk’s Hollow is, a bolt of lightning bringing together four women is about to make things a whole lot of loud.


By Madeline Miller

Born the daughter of Perse and Helios, the sun god, Circe is the goddess of witchcraft and not just any ordinary femme fatale. Looked down upon with contempt by her family, her powers frighten even the mighty Zeus, leading her father to send her away to the island of Aiaia.

There, her path crosses with gods and heroes of greek mythology–the Minotaur of Crete, the inventor Daedaelus and his son Icarus, and the great hero of the Odessey himself. She makes powerful friends as well as enemies along the way, as Miller ventures us further in her female driven epic.

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