Book 1 of Journey of the Immortal

Joel Thomas Feldman

Joel Thomas Feldman is a husband, father, military veteran,
engineer, and author. With a bachelor’s degree in TV/Film, and
master’s in Strategic Intelligence, Joel has spent his career
working in and around the U.S. Air Force. Now, after 20+ years,
he has returned to his true passion of writing, with the first book
in his Journeys of the Immortal series. Joel lives in Southern
California with his wife, Michaela; and their two children, Jack
and Thais.

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Following the death of his wife, Jack has noticed Sam has been feeling depressed and seems to be losing that belief in the magical that she shared with her mother. Hoping to reconnect his daughter with that belief, Jack takes Sam on a big foot hunting trip in Arizona to meet up with his longtime friend and UFO hunter, Charlie, and his three sons, Eli, Tommy and Chris. However, instead of little green men or the missing link, they find something else in the forrest.


What makes Ash a great read is the way the story just starts out with such heart and manages to keep it while juggling thrills and tension along the way. The relationship between Sam and Jack, her father, gives the reader so much to root for. Having started out a as 1 chapter concept piece by his wife, Michaela, I can see how after she gave him the green light to run with it himself, he had so much green pasture to work with in that relationship.

I also find Sam herself to be an invigorating, brave and engaging main character for this young adult novel. She’s tough and adventurous, and has a lot of heart. While I can see how losing her mother and her father’s dedication to his research has strained their relationship, I see so much of Jack in Sam. At its heart, Ash is a story about loving what makes the world and the people we love special, and that’s what will keep you reading.

The influence of the internet and instant access to every question and answer conceivable, had made the young lady a disbeliever of all things magical and special in the world”It’s only make believe if you don’t believe.”

I really enjoyed reading Ash, and I think that it would make a great series to read for young girls like my niece. Joel Feldman reminds us that there are beautiful, magical things in this world, especially when we believe and take the time to look for them.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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