Wither Thorn

Book 1 of The Crest of Blackthorn Series

Joy Lewis

A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Joy Lewis has been a writer since she first ‘appropriated’ a floppy disk from her middle school computer lab. A writer of YA fantasy and fiction, you can find her first series, The Crest of Blackthorn, on Amazon and Goodreads.

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Caia Blackthorn, the precocious adept of necromancy within King Arcturus’s court, leads this story of war, family, love and friendship as they travel from the Capital to Lyra at the frontline of the war. Raised sheltered yet captive in the heart of the King’s castle, what Caia lacks in experience and worldliness, she more than makes up for in heart and determination.


“…The peace times our ancestors knew were a farce, orchestrated by nations envious of our prosperity and awaiting the moment of our weakness.”

King Arcturus before the royal court audience for Caia’s revealing

Accompanied by Galen, a naive but endlessly compassionate purification healer in search of his own lost family, and Rigel Maestas, a silver tongued soldier scarred by war that deserted the King’s army, Caia makes her dangerous journey across the kingdom in search of answers as to the fate of her sister, Lavine, a necromancer who sacrificed herself to allow Caia to escape Arcturus’ court.

Joy Lewis’ introduction to her series, The Crest of Blackthorn, gives readers what they want: sword battles, magic and spells, and compelling characters. I particularly enjoyed the unique construction of the world of The Crest of Blackthorn, especially the physical limitation of the use of magic. Reading the introduction to the series leaves me looking forward to reading more!

I’m a big fan of books and series with strong, likable and multidimensional leading ladies, and Caia fits the bill. Growing up in a castle and mingling among the court may have you prepared for a typical damsel in distress story, but do not be fooled. She has more fight and edge to her than meets the eye, someone more likely to stick a dagger in your ribs than to faint with coquettish fright.

Wither Thorn, https://joylewisauthor.com/index.php/books/

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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