Stories from the End of Time

The world as we knew it died. Some of us made it, many others didn’t. But what is life like in this new, apocalyptic age? For some, it is a struggle for survival. Others are searching the wastelands for meaning, love or vengeance. A few want to do what they can to rebuild a safer, better world. A lot more want to keep the world savage and untamed.

Want to find out how much the world really changed when the bombs dropped? Want to hear a tale or two about cannibals, monster hunters, roamers, and everything and everyone inbetween? Well, then, kick up a seat by the warm glow of the radiation pit, partner, and maybe I’ll tell you a Story or two from the End of Time.

The Cannibal and The Vegan

Love and dating is so hard when everyone is either driven mad by radiation, dead or just a plain old dick.

But for Alan and Sarah, two neighbors in the ghost town of Los Angeles, somethings may be a bit harder to overcome. Like, for instance, that Sarah is a ruthless, man eating cannibal and Alan is robot building, Russian literature reading vegan.

A little adorkable and a lot of awkward robots, this is a love story.

The Heroic and Noble Tale of Turbo Guy

When the world end, most folk make peace with the fact that the strong and cruel rule the wastelands of this apocalypse

Except for one: Turbo Guy. A mild mannered comic book manager who survived the blast, Jeff Turbinsky believed that the radiation gave him superpowers (it didn’t) meant to help protect the innocent and punish the wicked.

Armed with good intentions and little else, Turbo Guy sets out to save the townsfolk of Amarillo, or die trying.

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