The Myz Effect Series

A Fantasy Series by Sam Rose

Group photo of The Myz Effect Series Protagonists
Illustrations by Allison Smith

About The Myz Effect Series

The Myz Effect Series is a thrilling adventure series of magic, friends, and government conspiracies that follows the stories of people with magical powers, called mystics, and their allies as they fight back against shadowy government agencies, crime families, internet trolls and interdimensional beings.

The Myz Effect Characters

Jay Connor

A computer security and intrusion prodigy and self-described neurotic mess, Jay Connor is funny, smart, and a little bit weird. However, for someone used to being the weirdo, he finds even stranger company in Mayra and Chloe. Jay uses his wits to help his friends stay one step ahead of their pursuers. But it isn’t long until he learns of just how far the Network’s influence has spread.

Jay Connor, from The Myz Effect Series
Illustrations by Allison Smith

Chloe Rudolph

A mystic with powers of illusion and telepathy, Chloe Rudolph has been a wandering spirit since childhood. However, after being taken in by a couple in Florida, Chloe strives to live as normal a life as possible. Working as a waitress, Chloe bonds quickly with people, and sometimes that doesn’t work out. But those who know the real Chloe would do anything they could to help her.

Chloe Rudolph, from The Myz Effect Series
Illustrations by Allison Smith

Mayra De La Garza

Able to bend steel with her bare hands and control plants with her mind, Mayra De La Garza has been on the run from government agents trying to take the last remaining relic of her family. A magical tree with limitless power, Yggdrasil is more than just a tree in the middle of her house. It is a reminder of her mother and father, and her longest friend. Often gruff, stubborn, and abrasive, Mayra looks out only for herself and her friends (and Ygg, obviously). But there is more in store for her than hiding out in the roller rinks and dive bars of Florida.

Mayra De La Garza, from The Myz Effect Series
Illustrations by Allison Smith

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