Mystics and Misfits: Book 1

The Myz Effect series

Yggdrasil, the fabled world tree, and a central symbol of the connectedness of the world with magic. Mystics and Misfits Graphics

Mystics and Misfits begins with a wild and weird weekend in Florida. Jay Connor, an intelligent and slightly neurotic computer expert, throws caution to the wind and see where life can take him. But his vacation does not go how he expected at all.

Mayra De La Garza, the girl who bends steel and talks to plants. Mystics and Misfits Graphics.
They’re a network of mystic hunters. Real assholes with a lot of firepower and connections. Some of them have been around longer than most religions.
Mayra De La Garza on the Network and Mystic Hunters, Mystics and Misfits

Meanwhile, Chloe and Mayra are trying to keep one step ahead of their hunters. But who says hiding from the federal government and brainwashed internet trolls can’t be fun?

Jay Connor, A hacker on vacation. Mystics and Misfits Graphics.
In the beginning, I was just bored. Most protagonists, their adventure begins with a calling or something like that. They’re the chosen one, the hero, the knight in shining armor upon a white horse that saves the day and gets the girl. Well, wouldn’t that be nice.
Jay Connor, Mystics and Misfits

What secret agenda is really driving the Network? Are our heroes’ powers and wits enough to stay a step ahead? And which one of them does the best Joan Rivers’ impression?

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