Book update: Mystics and Misfits

Good news! I am going to be posting a page to the website soon for Beta Readers to sign up to receive a copy of the Mystics and Misfits Manuscript. The purpose for this is to provide a larger pool of beta readers as well as give people a chance to be introduced to theContinue reading “Book update: Mystics and Misfits”

Book Update: The Myz Effect

Fresh off the adobe photoshop and creative software, we have our first look at our main characters, brought to life by Allison Smith! Please check out the character bios and accompanying illustrations on The Myz Effect page. Allison is a fantastic artist and a pleasure to work with. Please check her out at the followingContinue reading “Book Update: The Myz Effect”

Book Update: Mystics and Misfits

Good News! The manuscript for book one, Mystics and Misfits, is complete! I wanted to share this development with you to keep you updated and to keep myself motivated, especially for this next, time- and energy-intensive step: Editing. As a new writer, I found writing my first book’s manuscript to be challenging at times butContinue reading “Book Update: Mystics and Misfits”

Book Update: Mystics and Misfits

Just want to let you all know that we will be posting new illustrations on the Mystics and Misfits page this Friday! I want to give a quick shout out to Allison Smith, who helped me through the process and was so professional and talented. I’m really excited for you all to see what sheContinue reading “Book Update: Mystics and Misfits”

Mystics and Misfits

New update on Book 1 of The Myz Effect Our story begins with a wild and magical weekend in Florida. Jay Connor, an intelligent if not slightly neurotic computer expert decides to throw caution to the wind and see where life can take him. But a trip to Miami does not go how he expectedContinue reading “Mystics and Misfits”

Major Update! New Book Series: The Myz Effect

For my fellow WordPress readers, my aunt and mother, and anyone else that has been so kind as to follow my blog, I wanted to give you all a major update: I will soon be setting up a page for my fantasy series, The Myz Effect! We may still be some ways away from beingContinue reading “Major Update! New Book Series: The Myz Effect”

Ash: Journey of the Immortal – Book One

Following the death of his wife, Jack has noticed Sam has been feeling depressed and seems to be losing that belief in the magical that she shared with her mother. Hoping to reconnect his daughter with that belief, Jack takes Sam on a big foot hunting trip in Arizona to meet up with his longtimeContinue reading “Ash: Journey of the Immortal – Book One”

A War of Daisies, Book 1 of The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse

Not much goes on in the town of Hawk’s Hollow outside the annual fair. Willow intends to shake things up by being the first woman to win the long distance race. Dynah, a shoe in for the Rodeo Queen of the fair, butts heads with her half-sister, Penelope, as she seeks answers regarding her nativeContinue reading “A War of Daisies, Book 1 of The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse”

Wither Thorn, Book 1 of The Crest of Blackthorn Series

Caia Blackthorn, the precocious adept of necromancy within King Arcturus’s court, leads this story of war, family, love and friendship as they travel from the Capital to Lyra at the frontline of the war. Raised sheltered yet captive in the heart of the King’s castle, what Caia lacks in experience and worldliness, she more thanContinue reading “Wither Thorn, Book 1 of The Crest of Blackthorn Series”