Monthly Goal Update: January

Weight Goal:

My weight tracking chart for January, courtesy of FitIndex App and smartscale

Over January, I lost 8.6lbs. I’m on track towards my eventual goal of being under 200lbs before the end of the year. It’ll take time but that’s fine.

Charity Goal:

MonthOrganizationHours WorkedVolunteer Activities
JanMobile Loaves and Fishes8.5Building handmade keepsakes boxes

This woodworking took a lot of time and mistakes, but I’m glad that the keepsakes boxes I made will help brighten the living space of someone in need. Soon, I will hopefully be volunteering to drive supplies for a PPE distribution center. I told my friend about my monthly volunteering goal and she directed me there so I’ll be looking forward to that!


Mystics and Misfits
Rewrite word count24,064
Second Draft word count4,338

Since I have decided to rewrite my novel, Mystics and Misfits, I’ve updated this goal to include the Rewrite’s current word count as well as the word count of the second drafts I finish as I work on the initial rewrite. Turns out, you can do some editing and proofreading work as you write. Might have been helpful for me to know that first time around.

One thought on “Monthly Goal Update: January

  1. Good job, Sam! It’s good that you are not trying to lose a massive amount of weight in one month – much better to do it slowly and safely as you are doing. Love that you are doing some work for Mobile Loaves & Fishes. Take care.

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